Finding the cheapest office supplies that meet your requirements is a time consuming exercise and often not worth the saving that you make. Time spent on telephone calls, travelling from one shop to another, preparing purchase orders and collecting products is rarely assessed. Many of the savings which we pride ourselves to have achieved are in fact “false savings” because we simply fail to account for the costs related to the resources engaged and time spent to realise such saving.

The business environment is changing very fast. Competition is becoming fiercer with globalisation Productivity has become an unconditional factor for survival. There is no more places for inefficiencies and hidden costs. To survive and succeed we must start thinking differently. Adjustments to what we are presently doing may not be the best solution even though they have worked successfully in the past.

Businesses must concentrate in what they do the best. Time saved in purchasing office supplies can be used more efficiently to improve the procurement, sourcing, stock management and control over the utilisation of your primary products and your services. Many companies and even government bodies have understood the need to review their costs structures and business processes. The financial crisis and the lockdown as a result of the COVID 19  pandemic have certainly been a wakeup call for many organisations. However, be conscious of the need to change is one thing and knowing what and how to change is another thing. This issue, small and simple as it may appear, can make the whole difference in the success or failures of organisations.

DelCity Ltd, launched in October 2023, has been assigned the mission to drive the successful business activity of its sister company, DelOffice Ltd, to a higher level. DelOffice Ltd, established in June 2010, has grown at stunning pace to become, within a decade, the largest importer and distributor of paper and office supplies in Mauritius. DelCity takes over the office supplies activity of DelOffice and widens its scope to include school supplies, specialty paper, printing and packaging solutions. 

The office supplies division of DelCity aims to assist businesses and government institutions in their office supplies needs. We bring a time and costs saving solution and allow organisations to concentrate in what they do best. For this, we have chosen the latest IT technology and partnered with reliable IT specialists to develop high standard IT solutions for our user friendly websites. The whole of our processes, from customer inquiries, order processing, purchasing, invoicing, goods preparation and delivery are fully computerised. So once you place an order, you can relax knowing that your order will be delivered promptly, accurately and efficiently. No need for you to go here and there for small money saving which may cost you more at the end of the day.



www.delcity.mu contains thousands of products with comprehensive information,  pictures, search facility and online ordering system. We offer a One-Stop-Shop office supplies solution backed by an efficient sourcing team which responds quickly to your specific needs.  

The school supplies activity of DelCity operates under the brand name of My Academia. 

www.myacademia.mu offers a wide range of school stationeries and educational products intended for students of all ages, from kindergartens and primary schools to colleges and universities. Besides our easy-to-use webstores, we have a large showroom where our customer service team will be happy to welcome you. 

Our policy is to partner only with serious, reliable and trustworthy suppliers and customers. We strongly believe in honesty, integrity and success through hardwork. It is with these philosophies that we intend to grow and to succeed.

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